It's September and I am sooooo ready for fall to be here. Seeing as how I live in Texas though... it's still 90+ degrees outside. Although we did have "cool front" last week and it was 83!!! lol. Last year I went super crazy on tall boots and really stocked up with cute ones. {More blogs with those} 
So this year I decided to stock up on booties. I don't usually like to buy the "it" shoe that everyone else buys. I like to stand out with my style and be chic but different at the same time. As you will soon discover Nordstrom is one of my fav places to shop... especially for shoes. Here is the line up of my top 4 favs! 
Booties Booties
Booties  Booties
I wanted a bootie that was different and still really cute. I went through all the booties that Nordstom has and narrowed it down to these 4 as my top favs. I usually put all the shoes I am considering in my cart so that I can then see them all side by side.
The first Daya shoe is linked HERE and I love the look of the laces and the chunky heel. The price point {$114.95} is good which I like. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem spending big bucks on shoes, however I usually only do that if it's a "timeless" shoe. One that I will wear for many years to come. So to me a bootie is a fad and style thing that will probably be out in a few years. So I don't want to break the bank on a cute pair of trendy shoes. I think these will look great with jeans and dresses and can be worn all through fall and winter! Especially here in Texas where it doesn't exactly get that cold! And I love that its not an open toe... a lot of other bloggers are showing the open toe booties which isn't really my thing. 
On to the next of my top choices is also a Daya shoe.. Linked HERE. I don't currently own any shoes by this designer so I can't speak to the quality yet! Will blog more later! Price point on this one is $109.95.
I just love the way this shoes looks to me. I love the open'ness down the middle and the cute little bow!!! Who doesn't love a bow! The chucky heel is really in right now and I don't own anything in a grey suede. Love this shoe... omg... it would be so cute with cuffed jeans and fun top even with black leggings too!
Next are the Arturo Chiang booties... Linked HERE. The price point is awesome at $59.90 currently 50% off at Nordstrom.
I originally picked this bootie because I loved the grey color and the way it gathered in the back. I feel like the slouchy booties maybe only look good in pictures and not for actual "around town". Anyways... Love the look but at the end of the day the heel on this shoe is only 3.5 tall and I am a girl who loves a tall heel. So that is the only reason why I ruled this option out. But if you like a shorter heel... it would be perfect for you! 
Last but not least is the Isola bootie....Linked HERE. So stinking cute! I really love the casual look of this shoe. Price point is $99.90 which is currently 33% off at Nordstrom.
I really love the buckle look on this bootie! I like the chunky heel and the color of the suede. The only reason I am not picking this boot is because the extra flap on the front of the boot I think would shift around while wearing them. I am not 100% sure on this but I am just thinking that is what would happen with this bootie. 
So after looking at all 4 of these shoes in great detail I decided to order the first pair of Daya booties that lace up!!!! I am so excited to get them and style with several different outfits. The color I ordered is the one pictured above called Mushroom. They do come in two other colors also.....Black and Wine.
Ok pretties... stay tuned for a blog post in Style with the lace up booties featured with a few outfits! 
As always, please leave comments and feel free to reach out... blogging is a team sport! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden

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