Date Night

Let's talk date night.... So again... let me preface this blog with the fact that Matt and I do NOT have kids. So I completely understand how my perspective of life is very different than most of you who are full-time loving moms! Date night..... though... I have learned is soooooooo important to a marriage. Even if the 'date night' is at home it's key to set aside time to talk and connect with your spouse. I have learned recently a few tips to this. One way I heard this put was, "marriage takes fierce tenacity to succeed". [by Ryan & Celina Frederick] I have to say that even I have fallen prey to the concept that once I was married I stopped 'working' on being married. 
'He who trusts in the Lord will be exalted' [Proverbs 29:25]
So as I was thinking about the.... being fierce part.... I thought that it takes a lot of courage, un-ending pursuit and passion to be FIERCE. The very definition of fierce says, displaying an intense aggressiveness. Wow.... let's just reframe our own personal view of marriage.... could we each say we were pursuing our husbands with an intense aggressiveness?? *I raise my hand* I know for a fact that I can 100% say I am not....... but I plan to work on this!!! I love this view of marriage though.... like a 'you-can-never-never-never-never-never-give-up' mentality.... LIKE NEVER!!!!! Whew. I have work to do in this department. 
Ok so this blog is about date night.... which for us non-kid peeps... is much easier in theory. But even still we have to set aside time to do something and even then.... WHAT do we do?!? Date night is about connecting emotionally with your spouse on a deeper level. Yea.. sure watching a movie is good too.... but if you are trying to achieve the dream marriage... then I have learned recently it has to be quality time. Ok.....Ok.... getting to my point and correlation with these particular pictures..... So right after Matt and I started dating we went to a tiny little Italian restaurant in downtown Grapevine for dinner one night. It wasn't to packed and we were seated in a booth near the front of the restaurant where we could see most of the restaurant. We were very much in love and so we sat on the same side of the booth, we held hands, we kissed, we drank wine, we ate yummy food and truly enjoyed each others company. We both very clearly remember sitting in this booth and seeing another couple nearby who were not even really speaking to each other. We both commented out loud how we wanted to always be the super in love couple that everyone was jealous of. This date was about 7 years ago from now.... and let me tell you a lot has happened since then. But while we were in town at the XO Marriage Conference Matt was suddenly inspired to take me back to that restaurant for a date night in between sessions of the conference. The restaurant was still there [Napolis] but the booth by the window was gone and there were more tables now..... because we were eating an early dinner since we had to get back to the conference we were the only ones in the restaurant. We sat there, kissed, held hands, drank wine, ate yummy food and talked about how we both still wanted that dream marriage we talked about 7 years earlier before we were even engaged. It was such a sweet night of renewing our hope in each other, in our marriage, in the Lord for bringing us together and above all for remembering that WE DO LOVE each other. 
So even if you only have time to grab a chipotle bowl or Starbucks with your spouse for a 'date night'.... try to actually connect, talk about your hopes for your future, dreams for the next 5 years, etc. It's not a priority until you make one. And if you don't plan to succeed...... then essentially you are planning to fail. So find a little hope in the chaos of your life and put a little work into dating your spouse!!!! 
As most of you know Matt was traveling for Valentines day this year..... so this weekend we are planning to do a little sweat sesh together [aka - workout together] and then explore Houston a little bit. ;)
Onto the outfit..... this is what I wore to the conference and to our little date night. The last several pictures were taken outside the restaurant and can you see a new sparkle in my eye?!? It's there! Date your spouse with fierce aggressiveness, never give up..... it's worth it!!!!
Trust me, make time to date your spouse!!!! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden
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