Dinner At SUR

hahahahahaha I was trying to show you the fringe in motion.... hahahaha!

:: Jeans :: Peplum Top :: Shoes :: Clutch :: Jacket :: Earrings ::

**Top is sold out in the yellow stripe like I am wearing, but I linked the solid colored one. The clutch is Kate Spade and the summer pattern is 2 years old, I linked the exact purse in a different summer pattern instead. The shoes are Steve Madden fringe heels and very old. I linked a site that had 1 pair for sale, but you can also find them on Poshmark. The jeans ladies.... omg... they are amazing with 360 stretch technology so they look super flattering from EVERY angle!!!! High Five!!!

Hey Hey..... So when Matt and I were in Long Beach we just had to visit a place we watch on TV. Matt says he will swear there is no truth to this if asked in person....... but...... He watches Vanderpump Rules with me!!!!!! aaaahhhhh I love this show! They are all a total train wreck! 

Anyways, while we were there I really wanted to go eat at SUR just to say that I had been once. So we took an hour long Uber ride into Hollywood for dinner. This outfit is what I wore to dinner that night. 

The restaurant is really really tiny..... and it kinda blew my mind how they film so many scenes in such a tiny restaurant. But things are never what they appear on TV. lol. 

The food was very good..... we did order the Goat Cheese Balls that Stassi is always talking about. They were really good, a little rich... so we had to cut them in half because they were too rich to eat all in one bite. I had the fish special of the day it was very yummy and Matt had the Lamb which was also delish. And.... of course... we ordered the Vanderpump Rose.... which was fab too! 

We weren't there to 'fan-girl' out publically... however secretly we were on the look out for anyone from the show just to say we had seen them. We saw James Kennedy, Ariana's brother Jeremy was our bus boy and we saw Guillermo, Lisa's business partner in the restaurant! 

One bad thing we didn't like.... because the restaurant was so tiny the tables were literally on top of each other. And even though it was a Wednesday night and they weren't super busy.... they sat us in a tiny 2 top table and then sat another couple at the table right next to us which was literally 10-12 inches over. They were so close that we couldn't enjoy conversation with each other because the music was not very loud and it felt like we were having dinner with strangers. So we kind of ate in quiet and waited until they finished their meal and left before we actually enjoyed ourselves. So that was a bit disappointing especially since there were plenty of other tables they could have sat that couple at.... since they seated them after we were already there. I mean they could have gone one more table over so at least we could have had a semi-private conversation with one another. agh. Oh well. 

Would I go back? Yes... but probably only during the day and certainly not for a private 'date-night'. 

XoXX - Rachel Eden

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