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Ok pretties.... for those of you that know me, you know that I am a big advocate of women knowing how to protect themselves. I have been in a few situations where I felt defenseless and I hated it. When I married Matt I expressed my concerns for my ability to defend myself and Matt, being the supportive husband that he is, understood and taught me about guns and how to use them confidently. I feel that it is part of my mission in life to help other women feel the same sense of empowerment and self-reliance for their personal defense. 
I have taught several women whom have never shot a gun before to feel comfortable and confident in knowing how to handle it and how to protect themselves. We should never feel 'less-than' because we are a women. Yes, it's an adjustment at first to hearing the loud gun pop, to carrying on body and then feeling secure enough to draw should you ever need to. It's a process and it takes time to arrive in each of these areas.... but you should learn! I don't always carry on body, I purse carry a lot of the time.... but I would say that 95% of knowing how to protect yourself is to be aware of your surroundings at ALLLLLLLLLL TIMES and only 5% knowing how to use your weapon. I have been able to 'deflect' possible bad scenarios simply by being aware that a homeless guy was walking straight towards me and didn't seem to be in his right mind while a friend and I were filling up with gas. Just the fact that I picked up on it and we were able to close our doors and wait inside the car safely {in the middle of the day} is a win. But also this guy walked in circles around my friends car several times talking to himself.... I am not saying he would have hurt us in anyway... but drugs can make a person do things they wouldn't normally do and depending on the drug it can give them extra human strength. It's ALWAYS better to err on the side of caution. 
Let me also say that a gun is not a solution to all problems. And just because you have your License To Carry {this is what it's called in Texas, other states call it different things} or that you own a gun doesn't mean you should solve all your problems with a gun. For example, if someone runs by you and steals your purse right out of your hand and is now running away from you, you shouldn't pull your gun and shoot him in the back. You weren't physically in danger of dying and YOU NEVER SHOOT SOMEONE IN THE BACK! Once you go through the course to get your license they will educate you on the laws for your state. But as my instructor said in my license class... only use your gun when... "I had to, nothing else would do, I had to do it now." Meaning you were absolutely in a situation where you might die if you didn't defend yourself. Again...a gun for protection should be a last resort. As I like to say... I would rather have it and never need it than need it and not have it!!! 
I have sooooooo much more I could say on this subject but I didn't want to write and entire novel in todays post. But if you are a women who wants to feel empowered and able to defend yourself, please reach out to me or anyone in your circle who can help you learn how to use a gun and how to do it correctly. 
A couple of my friends are soon to launch a podcast called, Not Your Average Gun Girls, and I will be sure to share about it on my social media for all you gals to follow along. But if you are based near Houston, Texas and want to learn, reach out via my contact page, I would love to grab a coffee and chat with anyone who wants to learn self-protection on a new level! 
I hope you liked my pics above from my practicing steel plate shooting...The AR15 {the rifle} is currently my fav gun to shoot and I was shooting steel plates at 75 yards out!! Which I was pretty happy with.... The MP Shield which you see holstered in waistband is my everyday carry weapon of choice in 9mm and my other fav gun is the CZ 75P01 with a night light you see me shooting in one picture generally kept in my nightstand. {hence the night light}
Happy Monday everyone... I hope your week is off to a great start! I am looking forward to hearing your comments and thoughts on this blog, did you love it or hate it??
XoXX - Rachel Eden
:: Shirt - Tylers *Mine was the Fort Worth location :: Shorts - Urban Outfitters :: Belt - 5.11 Tactical Belt {Mens} :: Boots - *Unfortunatly Sorel doesn't make this exact boot anymore.... similar boot - Sorel Slimpack Riding Boot II :: Hat - Cowboy Straw Hat :: Sunglasses - Rayban Color Brown ::
:: AR 15 - Rockriver Arms :: Scope - Aimpoint CompM2 :: MP Shield - S&W :: CZ 75P01 :: Nightlight - Surefire X300 Ultra ::

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