I Love Pink

*Disclaimer - Lots of pics in this blog because I LOVED all of them! ;)
And..... I just had to share this because I thought it was funny.... a huge gust of wind blew up and was blowing the ruffle on my top into my lipstick and my hair was going crazy.... lol... Matt captured all of it... but this was my fav picture! hahahaha
hahahaha... this last pic though!!!! Love Love Love!!!! Today I am strictly talking style.... I think this outfit is perfect for Spring or Summer depending on where you live and the climate. But I love a good pop of bright pink to really elevate a look. 
Ok so these jeans are the ones I said I bought in my Nordstrom Winter Sale post HERE. I am wearing a size 27 and I would say they are a tiny bit big on me, they have a lot of stretch but they are super super comfortable and the tulip hem is sooooooooo cute!! Matt said he loved these jeans on me a lot. I am hoping that once I wash them and dry them they might shrink up a tiny big and be absolutely perfect!! 
:: Jeans - These are already sold out on Nordstrom, but I wanted to link a few other Tulip Hem options for you guys, Here & Here & Here <<<The last one I linked... the jeans are buy 1 get 1 50% off ::
Let's talk white tops! I am a firm believe that you can never have too many 'classic' tops in black or white for year round looks. I snagged this off the shoulder top at Neiman Marcus Last Call this past week for $35. It's a great top to wear with jean skirts, shorts or jeans.... literally goes with everything and is extremely comfortable! 
:: Shirt - Mine is by English Factory I am wearing a Medium, I found a couple other off the shoulder white tops that I think are equally as cute, Here & Here & Here ::
Next... my accessories... I got this Prada belt on a resale facebook site I am apart of in Dallas. It was a tad big on me and I had it taken in and it's sooo cute on. I think everyone needs a good designer neutral belt... they go with everything! Right now on my 'belt wish list' is an LV and maybe a white Gucci. But this Prada is adorable and I only paid $200 for it!! Woot. I have had my MK bag for many years... I just love the vibrant pink color of it and the structured look, so I will probably never get rid of it. The shoes are also a fav... extremely comfortable and have NEVER given me a blister. Which I think is what really qualifies a shoe as extremely comfortable. 
:: Belt - as you know already mine is Prada, a couple other good options Here & Here & Here [also resale] ::
:: Shoes - Michael Kors ::
:: Purse - Michael Kors ::
:: Sunnies - Gucci ::
:: Earrings - Bauble Bar and mine are old... similar Here ::
:: Watch - Olivia Burton ::
So... today was a big day for me as I finally hit my 60 for 60 challenge at the studio and got the dang t-shirt!!!!
My friend, Daniela, and I went out to celebrate that we both got our shirts today and ended up having several mimosa's and then we went shopping! It was a fabulous day! And I am so proud of myself for finishing this challenge. I asked the studio manager how many had actually completed it so far.... and she said only 20. I was shocked and yet super excited that I was amongst the 20 finishers! Never give up fighting for your dreams.... even if they are just T-Shirts!!! hahahaha ;)
XoXX - Rachel Eden

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