Just Keep Swimming

Happy Monday Pretties!! Ok... so let me just say that modeling a swim suit was wayyyyyyyy outside my comfort zone. You know why! As a women we are our own worst critic and of course I was thinking well I still need to lose more weight here and I have curves here..... you know...... the usual thoughts. But Matt is such a huge support to me and he kept telling me that I looked good and I have to say the pictures turned out better than I expected them to. As you all know Matt and I are headed to Cabo in July and we super excited. I started swim suit shopping in January! lol! 
I purchased this swim suit from an online {cheap boutique} just to see if I liked the quality etc. I ordered 2 swim suits and this is the only one that fit me, except we did have to alter it a bit to keep my boobs from popping out. I ordered a large bc I have big booty and I don't like my swim suits to be super tight on my butt. Although even with big fake boobs the top was still too big. The booty is a high cut on the sides which I am not used to and the booty coverage is kinda skimpy..... I am a tiny bit self-conscious in it.... but I think it will be a fun suit to wear in Cabo for a day. Anyways, I think the fabric is nice on the suit, it seems well made and I overall really like it considering I spent $24 for it + shipping. I would recommend this site for sure if you just want to add a couple more suits to your collection without breaking the bank account. 
The cover-up.... I searched high and low for one that I thought would be super cute..... This one comes in lots of sizes, I ordered a medium so it would be extra flowy over a suit. I love the lace sections are see through which I think is so cute over a swim suit. It also comes in other colors. *see below.
The little pool slides are adorable, super affordable and completely rubber which makes them a perfect pool shoe! I love the rose gold metallic and I will basically be in happy hour mode the whole time I am in Cabo.... so they are perfect for me! I will link all outfit details below. 
I did want to share that I am thinking about fasting from shopping for a month. I went a tad crazy in February.... I kept telling myself it was my birthday month and it was cool. But geez... I went a little crazy. I ended up getting 3 new purses because I couldn't decide. Matt loved all three of them so he is on board with those.... but I am just thinking that I need to purge my closet and maybe take a mini fast from shopping for myself ..... but let's be clear I am referring to clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. So... I will style lots of my clothes this month but nothing new!!!
Anyone else need a shopping fast??
XoXX - Rachel Eden
:: Swim Suit - CupShe :: Cover-Up - Nordstrom :: Pool Slides - Mine are already sold out ;( but I am linking a few other similar cute ones that are cheap, Here & Here & Here ALL UNDER $40! :: Necklace - Nordstrom :: Sunnies - Celine :: 

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