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I had a blast at lunch with my main squeeze today! We hardly ever eat out for lunch during the week because Matt is usually too busy to even stop and eat lunch! lol! 
I needed him to get a pair of pants altered so I forced him to come.... lol... not really! It was nice enjoying the fresh air and a frosted lemonade with him though. 
On that note.... I am not a big soda drinker. I never really got into them and I would rather 'drink' my calories in a cocktail than a coke! haha. But I have to say that when I want to splurge I will grab a small frosted lemonade from Chick-Fil-A!!!!! OMG.... it's so good!!!!!! And the small [diet] one is only 250 calories so I am not completely breaking my daily allotment!! Such a treat..... the birds were chirping and the sun was shinning, it was a nice lunch date! 
On a side note... completely NOT RELATED..... last night Matt and I went for a stroll around our new neighborhood here in downtown Houston.... and as we were walking along I suddenly noticed a small weird looking animal on the sidewalk in front of us. I stopped and grabbed Matt's arm.... I was shocked... "Matt is that a pig?" lmao.... no joke... there was a girl with a pigmy pig here in the city hanging out near the sidewalk. StarZee wasn't sure what to do with it.... and honestly I can't say as that I have ever been that close to little pig. He was kinda cute and kinda ugly. Just being honest. It was pretty funny! I am pretty sure I would never get one! ;) But he was kinda fun to see running around and acting like a dog!!!! I am being serious.... he thought he was a dog! lol
Anyways... I am spending the rest of the day trying to pack for this week long trip. We leave tomorrow.... Dallas - Long Beach - Back to Dallas - Ranch!! WooHoo!
Happy Thursday Pretties! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden

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