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Well last year ended with a bang for us. Matt accepted a new job that moved us to Houston the week before Thanksgiving. aaaaahhhhh so much to do and then we hired a horrible moving company. Man.... that was not fun either. But we are moved and all settled into our new place. Matt and I are apartment people. We built a brand new house last time we moved to Houston but then we only ended up staying for 1.5 years so we kinda lost some money on that bad boy. Since then we have adjusted to apartment living and we actually love it! We don't have to do yard work and when Matt is traveling and something breaks... I just call the maintenance guy and he comes to fix it! Presto! So easy and convenient. 
But before we left Fort Worth, Texas we did a couple photo shoots and I am sharing that outfit with you here.... but these booties are the cutest thing!! I did an older blog about these booties, you can read it HERE. The kinda blush and kinda taupe color goes with literally everything in my closet!! Plus they are just the right type of bootie that I can transition them into spring as well because they are lace up and not just an all closed off bootie look. 
Anyways... back to 2018... as this year kicks off I am enjoying life in Houston, we moved into a highrise and I just love it! I have some awesome neighbors and I joined a fabulous fitness studio called Revolution where I can continue my spin classes but they also offer Yoga! So if you follow me on Instagram you will see a few posts of me working on my crow pose and other yoga endeavors! ha! 
In other news.... I promoted my right hand girl, Alisha Collins, to President of my wedding planning business - RACHEL EVENTS. This frees up my time to focus on blogging here and see where I want to take this little website. I am thinking of re-launching my clothing line here.... but we will see. For now it's a slow moving process. I am not sure if I will blog every day.... or maybe every other day. Who knows! But Matt and I have a lot of traveling scheduled for this year so I am super looking forward to that and seeing where I can take my blog. 
If there is something you want me to blog about in the future please don't hesitate to ask... remember.... blogging is a team sport! Thanks for reading and following along! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden
:: Shirt - Gap *On sale! :: Jeans - Gap :: Belt - Gucci :: Handbag - Celine Luggage Tote *Resale ones Here  :: Sunglasses - Celine :: Booties - Zendaya *I bought mine at Nordstroms, currently sold out. You can find there Here :: Earrings - Anthropologie *Sold out, similar ones Here :: 

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