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Ok.... so if you follow me on Insta then you know Matt took me purse shopping for my birthday earlier this week. Well.... I didn't end up finding anything that I was willing to pull the trigger on and I figured I would share my thought process on why. I wanted a cream / ivory very structured handbag for spring / summer fashion 2018. But my thoughts on the subject kind of evolved as we kept looking at purses. 
Here are the purses pictured above in order from top to bottom. 
Celine Small Belt Bag - I super super loved this purse, however....After thinking about it more... I think the little leather straps that hand down would annoy me. Because if I set the purse down and they were wedged up under the purse then they would just be bent from there on after which would bother me (you can already see they were like that just from sitting on the shelf in the store), also the closure of the purse is a annoying. There was a hook and release kind of thing under the strap, plus then a zipper, just to get into the purse... and it was a little hard to do one handed.... also annoying. So I ended up decided that it wasn't worth $2,700 IMO. 
Givenchy Antigona Small Sugar Satchel Bag - Color is off white. Anyways, I was sooooo close to buying this bag.... except I talked myself out of it for several reasons. The first is that it didn't have metal feet, instead it had these extra leather pads "to keep it off the bottom" of whatever you were setting it on... but let's be honest this is an almost white purse... it's going to get dirty and not to mention the bottom was already a little bit dirty and it had just been sitting on a shelf in Neimans. Otherwise, I loved it! Size was good and the single zip closer was easy to use.... but ended up decided I didn't want to drop $2,300
Tory Burch Block T Top Handle - Ok this one I almost bought because I figured if I am going to get it dirty at least I didn't break the bank account while doing so! lol!! Super cute, my only dislike was that it wasn't super super structured and I felt it would eventually be a soft and floppy'ish bag. I wanted a bag that stood at attention..... lol.... but if you are in the market for cute new spring / summer bag... this one is def cute. Color is new ivory and price point is $500
Louis Vuitton Montaigne GM in Monogram Canvas - Ok.... I will probably go back and get this bag at some point. It was a decent price and a great every day carry bag for sure!! I loved everything about it!! Price is $2,750
Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM - Really liked this one too..... but as you all know I am not lacking in my purse department so I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on 'another' purse. It was a beautiful bag though!! Price is $3,250
Givenchy Horizon Medium Leather Tote Bag - I did end up deciding I liked this Givenchy better than the other one simply because the other one is 'so 2 years ago' even though it's still one of my fav bags of all time. lol.... But this new design by Givenchy is super cute, very structured and I loved how it cinched and opened on the sides. Price is $2,700
Ok yall... so didn't end up buy any of these purses because I figured I didn't want to spend quite this much for a white / cream / ivory purse that is just going to get dirty. So instead I went online and found a super cute Furla purse in the satchel style in cream for under $400... I ordered that and I also ordered a canvas Prada bag too.... I will be sure to blog both of them when they come in! So stay tuned! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden

:: Shirt - My jean shirt is old, but I am sure you all have a jean shirt somewhere in your closet, in case you don't.... a couple similar options Here & Here :: Skirt - My metallic pencil shirt from a boutique like 8 years ago I swear, I have had it forever.... super cute one I found at Anthro Here :: Shoes - M. Gemi **If you don't know this brand... you need to check them out. The shoes are high end quality for an affordable price. The ones I am wearing are no longer for sale, but I linked the company because they are awesome! I would say they run a tiny bit small so order a 1/2 size up!! ::

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