Pursue #2

Happy 'actual' Valentines Day Pretties!!! 
I already shared Matt and I's early Valentines Day post.... here.... so if you missed it you can still read all about it! ;) But today...  I wanted to dive a little deeper into a new category I want to add to my blog. As I mentioned Matt and I attended the XO Marriage Conference put on by Marriage Today this past weekend and let me just say that I am blown away at the goodness of God and how He can breathe such life into a marriage in just one conference. 
Matt and I did not have a 'bad marriage' in any sense of the word, have we had some tough years or hard things to work through, yes... absolutely.... but we are overall in a good place prior to this conference. Which is 100% due to the Lord being apart of our lives and helping us through so many different struggles. Anyways, as a lot of you know I have been mainly focused on being a housewife the past year or so and not 'really' working a day job too much. I have even joked that my day job is perfecting my trophy wife status!!!! lol. No seriously I have been saying this the past year or so.... anyways... during this conference I was so in awe of what the Lord intends marriage to be that it lit a fire in my spirit and soul to actually pursue the Kingdom Trophy Wife status.
I really wanted to title this new section of my blog 'Trophy Wife' but Matt and I thought that some people not having read my heart behind the category would immediately be turned off by that title. So we just named it 'Wifey'. ;)
I don't have kids and I can't have kids as I am a cancer survivor.... so a lot of you bloggers and mom out there have so many other things on your plate that I can not relate to in the slightest. So this is where I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me..... to being the best Kingdom Trophy Wife I can be. Since that is my number 1 priority in life anyways. This past weekend Craig Groeschel shared a point I wanted to share with you..... he said that Jesus is our #1 and we always say that.... we should pursue Christ first in our lives and our spouse second..... meaning Matt is not actually 'the one' in my life. Yes he was 'the one' when I married him and he still is but technically he is #2. So Craig shared a whole mini-series on how we as Christians pursue God first and our spouse second. This was such a simple explanation of facts but it struck me deeply. Was I pursuing Matt the way he needed to be pursued? I found that no matter how well we ARE doing something, we can always do it better. As they say, "if the grass looks greener somewhere else, then it's time to water your grass!" 
So in my new section 'Wifey' I am going to be sharing my journey to becoming the wife that God made me to be. This is my calling and destiny and that is not something I ever thought that I would say..... but I am so excited to start this journey and share it with you all. 
Lastly, the main verse for the conference was "Forget the former things do not dwell on the past, see I am doing a new thing, now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wastelands." {Isaiah 43:18-19} So if your grass needs a little water or a lot of water, remember that God is ALWAYS faithful to provide even if it's a wasteland with no grass!!! I am excited to pursue my #2 and see what NEW THINGS the Lord is doing in our life and in our marriage this year. I hope and pray that the Lord will bless your marriage and do a new thing as well... I impart the revelations I received to you through this blog post in the name of Jesus. 
Thanks for following along, I am excited to see this blog unfold and where the Lord will take it.... 
XoXX - Rachel Eden
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