Fitness Revolution

What are your new years resolutions? Mine are simple in theory! ha! My birthday is next month and I will be turning 35!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!! I can't believe it. But I am actually proud of where my life is and who I am at this point in my life so I am not all that worried about it. I am, however, more interested in feeling my best and keeping my fitness level en pointe. So to say. But my new years resolution is to achieve the fittest point for me, which isn't really anything other than to be able to say, "yup this is the fittest I have ever been." And well of course to lose weight and look good in a bikini when we go to Cabo in a couple of months. So before we moved I was super big into spin classes at a studio in Fort Worth, Texas.... now I have found my new place here in Houston called Revolution. I signed up for the 1 year unlimited package and one of the things I love most about it is the fact that it's a spin and yoga studio!!!! So I get to do both! I am really getting into the yoga scene and loving it. My mother-in-law is big into yoga and we do family yoga days when we all get together for holidays which is super fun. My sister-in-law, Maggie, is also big into yoga and she is wayyyyyy better than I am. I am still working on regular crow and she can side crow! So I am trying to catch up to her by the time we go to Cabo together since we are probably doing family yoga in Cabo this year!! Which I think will be fun. Matt and his brother, Nick, always do yoga with us too.... its a super fun family bonding moment!
Anyways, I am getting off track a little bit..... So at Revolution they are doing this "Revolution/Resolution" challenge where to get 2nd place you do 40 classes in 60 days but to get 1st place you do 60 classes in 60 days!!! I am, of course, trying to do the 60 for 60 challenge. I think I might win a t-shirt or something. But I love a good challenge! I love to have "something" to fight towards instead of just going to the gym again...... you know what I mean, right?!? So today is January 15th and I have already done 19 classes so far!!! Yea me!!!! Matt has been doing the challenge too, but in his own way and at our gym here in the building we live in.  He already has 22 so far this month..... geez... he is doing a double workout almost every day and I have been doing a double every other day or so. But mentally it's a commitment thing for us.... we are striving towards looking good for our Cabo trip but also finding a healthy level of fitness in our daily routine. In Fort Worth, I would say that I would normally do anywhere from 4-7 spin classes a week... but here in Houston I have kicked my game into high gear. And it's already paying off.... I have lost 3 pounds since January 1st and Matt has lost 10 pounds!!! But mostly I have noticed that my body is getting stronger and leaner day by day. On top of the working out routine we are doing we are doing intermittent fasting. So we don't eat anything from 8pm till noon the next day. This helps to purge your body of excess fat and because your not feeding your body a breakfast meal it forces your body to burn fat instead. We have noticed that we are less hungry when we do sit down to eat during the allotted "eating hours". hahaha! I wouldn't say we are dieting or watching calories during that time either. But we have started doing egg cups for lunch at noon each day, so we start our day with a dose of protein and drink a lot of water. Then we generally eat whatever we want for dinner and call it a night. Again, we aren't counting calories but we are some what aware of the amount of food we are eating each day. But if we want a small bite of something sweet, if it's within the window, we eat it, just in moderation. I am loving this method so much more than any other diet I have tried in the past. 
You are probably wondering why I am telling you all about this non-sense....and that's because to celebrate my weight loss and the fact that a bunch of my jeans are too big... I went jean shopping this past weekend was so excited to be a size 27 in designer jeans!!!! Yea!!! Go me!!! So the jeans I am wearing in my pictures above where my consolation prize! *Info below. And Matt took me out to brunch and we also celebrated by eating French fries!! hahahah... that's how you celebrate weight loss. But not to worry I was of course back at the gym first thing this morning getting my sweat on!
So for all you other "weight loss new years resolutioners"..... we can do it!!!!! If you also made a fitness goal for yourself this year, please comment and tell me about it! We can cheer each other on!
I will keep you all updated on my progress both in weight loss and yoga accomplishments! lol... remember everything in life is a process and nothing happens over night.

 XoXX - Rachel Eden


:: Shirt - bought at a local boutique in Fort Worth, Tx... Similar fun Fort Worth styles Here :: Jeans - Frame Denim from Nordstroms ::  Shoes - Christian Louboutin *Style is So Kate... and if you want a similar but more affordable {under $100} option by Michael Kors :: Clutch - Christian Louboutin *Style is a wallet with a flap and hidden wristlet but I only carry it as a cutch :: Jacket - Michael Kors *Mine is old, I have had it for years, similar one Here and a more affordable option {under $100} Here :: Sunglasses - Gucci :: Lipstick - Liquid lipstick in matte color Madison *Review of this lipstick - I love the vibrant color and the matte finish, however it does dry out really quickly and my lips feel like a desert after about 2-4 hours. My solution to this to just simply add a top gloss coat when I can't take it any longer. The color is amazing though :: Earrings - Anthropologie *The style linked {Firework Drop Earrings} is the exact style of mine however the color combination is sold out already on Anthro website, so Here is another pair similar to the ones I am wearing ::



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