Spring Showers

OMG... yall.... so I am officially 35 as of yesterday!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh
I had a fantastic day though thanks to my awesome hubby. I had 2 spin classes booked yesterday morning and when I arrived at the studio Matt had brought me a big bouquet of bright flowers and left me the sweetest card too!!! Then he brought me my favorite Chipotle for lunch.... and he booked me a DryBar hair appointment.... then he took me purse shopping... and finally dinner at Capital Grille!!!!! It was a pretty perfect day! I am def keeping him, he done good! 
And then today it was pouring cats and dogs all day.... of course... welcome back to Houston Rachel! Geez.... so I couldn't blog the outfit I wanted to blog and had to switch it up last minute! However, I had a lot of fun splashing around in puddles and playing in the rain! You can tell in some of the photos it was literally POURING!
I am a huge fan of Hunter Rain Boots.... they are my fav! I have a shorter pair at the ranch but these are my city rain slickers. They are super comfortable to wear and they make running errands in the rain easier. 
Today I slept in a bit and only went to one workout class - Yoga! I have had to rest my shoulder and legs from different injuries all in the name of earning a stupid t-shirt! But today I had rested enough that I felt super strong in yoga and was hitting all the moves perfectly! I was so excited at how great I felt and that I am so close to the end of this 60 for 60 challenge! I am at 48 so far.... only 12 more to go between now and Wednesday next week. I am taking 3 classes tomorrow, 2 spin and 1 yoga..... so root for me and pray for me not to die before I hit 60!!! lol!!! 
Anyways, I am praying that as we head into the spring showers for Texas, that Houston can handle it and that nothing floods!!!!! Fingers Crossed! *Good thing we live on the top floor!
Anyways, I am getting organized with the blogging and getting my categories sorted out etc and ready to rock this thing into high gear as we head into spring and summer.... so if you have any ideas or things you want to see me blog about... be sure to let me know! 
Happy Wednesday Pretties!
XoXX - Rachel Eden
:: Rain Coat - Michael Kors :: Rain Boots - Hunter :: Felt Hat - Anthro *no longer available, similar one Here :: Dress - Mine is old and from Gap, some similar options Here - Here  :: Necklace - Custom *this was actually the necklace I wore for Matt and I's wedding! *similar one Here ::
I tag the items that I am wearing, but remember I blog my actual closet.... so really any cute cotton dress under a rain jacket with rain boots is super cute! If you style an outfit similar to this please tag me on Instagram with #StyelMeEden or @RachelEdenLeuck 

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