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:: SHIRT - Nordstrom :: JEANS - Articles of Society :: BELT - Gucci Bee :: SHOES - Birkenstock :: PURSE - Alexander McQueen :: SUNNIES - Gucci :: SUITCASE - Little Penguin :: BRACELETS - linked in this blog ::
I wore these same jeans yesterday!! I bought mine from Nordstrom Rack several weeks ago... although I couldn't find them for sale on Nordstrom any longer so I tagged them from Macy's and they are on sale!!! [UNDER $50!!] Super comfortable and very stretchy.... perfect for travel. When I fly I usually wear Lululemon leggings with sporty shoes and a comfy top. But I decided to dress it up a tad for this trip. lol. ;)
I wanted to share a couple of my travel hacks that I usually do while traveling. First.. I ALWAYS bring a pair of shorty socks in my purse if I am wearing any kind of flip flop or sandal. I don't know why but walking barefoot on the ground through security where hundreds of other people have walked barefoot grosses me out. I think it is super disgusting. If I am wearing tennis shoes and already have socks on then I don't bring an extra pair.... I just really don't want my bare feet to touch the ground. 
Secondly... I always download either a movie or tv show to watch while traveling. I can get stir crazy pretty quickly and watching a show keeps me distracted and less likely to go from zero to 'I am going to strangle someone'. lol. Matt will totally vouch for this!! hahahah... not sure why I am like this. But reading a book or listening to music don't usually do the trick. Although, we are in the air right now..... somewhere over Arizona..... and I have only watched 1 episode of a Netflix show and now I am blogging. So maybe writing blogs and editing photos is also distracting for me!!! ;) WooHoo! 
Thirdly... I always have to bring a snack of some sort just in case I get 'hangry'. My go-to-snacks are Cheezits, Peanut M&M's, Banana Nut Breakfast Granola Bar or even some kind of nut. 
But I have to give a little mini review of United Airlines. Matt and I have always traveled Southwest in the past and loved it. I do have to say the non assigned seat thing is a little weird at first... but we always had a great experience with Southwest. Now that Matt travels abroad more he is racking up United points since that seems to be the airline his company uses most. So this is my first time flying with them....... I have one bad thing to say.... the seats with United are like hardwood floors!!!!! OMG!!! So uncomfortable and my back was hurting by the time we reached Cali. I think I will have to go purchase a lumbar pillow or something. What's really funny is that earlier before we boarded I saw a little girl carrying a seat cushion around. She had the kind of seat cushion you would put on your kitchen chairs that tie to the back of the chair.... anyways I thought it was funny then. Flash forward 2 hours and I was wishing I had a freaking seat cushion. :| But one thing I did like was that there was no divider underneath the seats in front of you so you had a little more room to stretch your feet out. 
I have a bunch of traveling coming up so if you have any travel hacks to share with me... PLEASE DO SO!!!! ;)
As always... I am a newbie blogger so if you have any insight, thoughts, comments, advice.... please leave me a note in the comments below. 
XoXX - Rachel Eden

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