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In Texas a good pair of cowboy boots or cowgirl boots are basically a requirement! We wear our boots with everything!!! I have 4 pair of cowboy boots.... but these are my fav Lucchese's!!!!! My sister-in-law Kelly also has the exact same pair! We call them our Sisterhood-Of-The-Boots...... lol.... we also agreed that we would pray for each other everytime we put them on and we have to pray for my mom too because she paid for half of each pair. Lol... Kinda of a funny story. 
The 3 of us went on a girls trip to Fredericksburg and we both fell in love with the same pair of boots...So we both got them!!! I have to say that I might look pretty girlie at times.... but I am also very tom-boy and can hang outside at the ranch with the best of them. In fact I am at the ranch right now for a few days playing with our new 5 day old baby chickens!!!!!!!! I will post a couple pictures of them at the bottom of the blog. 
Anyways, I love a good pair of jeans that make you feel skinny! You know what I mean... that could be something different for everyone. A pair of skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, crop jeans....... it really doesn't matter what kind. If you feel good in them... then that makes them a good pair of jeans! I don't know what it is about this pair of high wasted jeans it is that I love so much, it might be the color. But they are one of my favorite pairs, I feel super tall and skinny them. As I mentioned in other posts, you can't ever own too many black or white tops because they can be worn with anything!!! 
Well...... the boots....  They are basically a staple article of clothing for Texans. Especially for ranch life! These are Lucchese and I have another pair also... but there are lots of great cowboy boot brands that won't break the bank account! 
Ok... so I am working on booking my first style clients in Houston.... so hopefully I will have their lookbooks to share soon. But let me leave you with my outfit details and pictures of the cutest baby chicks you ever saw!!!!!!!!! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden
Meet my 2 new babies..... Sapphire and Gucci!
Baby Blue Andalusian Chickens

This is Gucci learning how to perch for the first time!!!! 

And the other 3 ones are my moms, Penelope, Patches & Sadie!


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