Dream Leggings

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope yall had a great weekend! 

I am sharing the most amazing leggings today.... because no matter what you are doing you are guaranteed to be comfortable in these bad boys! I am wearing a Medium, it is a perfect fit for me and super high wasted so it holds all the things in the right places. These Spanx Faux Leather Leggings come in several colors, black, navy, brown and maroon. I love these for traveling because I can dress them down in tennis shoes while traveling and then change shirts and shoes to dress them up immediately.

On another note ..... Matt and I attended the XO Marriage Conference in Dallas this past weekend and man was it amazing!! I am planning to share it with yall over the next couple of weeks and see if it's a blog category I want to add to the blog.....so for now... today is a short and sweet blog. 

Mainly it's short and sweet because I injured my leg in spin class.... and I am trying to rest it but I also have a bunch of things to get done today. You know... the life of a housewife is never dull!!! hahahaha

XoXX - Rachel Eden

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