White Jean Season

So I found these super cute steps while shooting this outfit in Kemah on the boardwalk...... so I figured I would share those too! 
The age old debate.... When can I wear white jeans?? 
As we are approaching Easter.... everyone starts to think about wearing white, but then there is a small voice in our heads that questions if the fashion experts would frown upon us for doing so. Why do 'they' even say no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day?? So weird. I am here to give you my opinion on the matter......
WHO CARES!!!!! lol
I mean seriously ..... If you want to wear white and you live in a warm state where it is already 80 degrees in March or April.... then rock'em girlfriend!!! I personally love white jeans or white denim more in the fall and winter for a winter-white look. I find that I tend to wear my white jeans only a couple times during the spring months and then I usually never pull them out during summer. I am not 100% sure why that is..... the only thing I can think of is that it's so freaking hot in Texas in the summer and I tend to lean more towards a flowy summer dress for cooler air movement! ;) 
Even if you don't live in a 'warm state' I am a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. If you feel confident, beautiful, sexy, etc. in what you are wearing..... then who cares what the haters may think. You're the one wearing the outfit... not them! 
On this note..... as a fashion stylist and personal consultant I have to be very aware that each women has insecurities about different things regarding their body and what they are comfortable wearing. A couple days ago my friend Daniela and I were shopping in a new little boutique near my house....... I found a couple adorable one piece swimsuits that I was trying on. I originally grabbed a medium because I wasn't sure on size. I put it on and it felt tight top to bottom like I had a super long torso or they were designed a tiny bit short top to bottom. Not to mention that I felt like my V-JeeJee and booty were completely hanging out, which is never attractive. :\ So I opened the curtain in the dressing room to show my friend but just barely because I was self-conscience in the suit and I didn't feel like fit me well. I asked the shop girl if she could get me a large. The owner then ran over and immediately was getting in my face about what size I was. She kept telling me that I was not a large and that I was a medium if even a small and she was getting pretty adamant about it. I tried to politely let her know I was not comfortable and she kept on telling me she was the clothes expert and that I didn't know what I was talking about. Wow... I was shocked she was treating me this way. My friend and even the shop girl were fairly shocked as well. When the owner didn't listen I finally had to say, "Listen, I am the one who would be wearing this in public and if I am not comfortable then I won't buy it." 
I thought that would maybe shut her up...... but no..... she just kept bringing me tiny little swimsuits that I would never wear in public. So I quickly put my clothes back on and we left the store rather abruptly. What is really sad is that I had found a bikini top I really liked and had even planned to purchase, but once she made me so self-conscience about my body all I wanted to do was leave. 
I share all of this because as women we each feel differently about the same item of clothing. For example, white jeans make me feel fat. hahahaha... seriously... you are probably wondering why I bothered to blog them if I feel fat in them. Well..... sometimes it's good to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try different things. I obviously don't view myself as fat.... but you know what I mean about how we sometimes feel fat in certain clothes. I have found that I feel better about white jeans when I have a longer top on that covers my booty some. I do not feel this way about regular jeans.... so I honestly have no idea why I am like this about white jeans. Ladies.... you are not alone!!! hahahah! 
So wear the jeans, buy the dress, rock the shoes, flaunt your style..... if you feel pretty, beautiful, comfortable, sexy.... don't let anyone dull your sparkle!!!!!! 
Happy Monday Pretties..... and .... Shine on!!! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden
:: Jeans - Paige Denim :: Shirt - Mine is super old like 10 years from Gap *Similar style oversized tunic Here :: Belt - Gucci :: Shoes - Mine are See by Chloe and no longer available *Similar pair Here :: Bralette - Free People :: Sunnies - Mine are Chloe *Similar pair Here :: Handbag - Alexander McQueen *This bag was one of my birthday presents from Matt this year! :: Watch - Olivia Burton :: Bracelet - Hermes :: 

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