Why I Carry

"Though defensive violence will always be 'a sad necessity' in the eyes of men of principle, it would still be more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men." - Saint Augustine
Although I did style this outfit... I specifically wanted to speak out in support of my 2nd Amendment rights. This past weekend there was a large movement against guns and ending gun violence and saving children's lives. It was rather unclear as to what the protest was really against, #marchforourlives, yet it had a large following. Let me say that I DO whole heartedly agree that EVERY life is important and worth saving! Period. 
I am not sure why everyone was marching to keep guns out of schools. Guns are already NOT allowed, via LAW, in a schools, churches, hospitals, government buildings, etc. So why was there a march asking for more protection in schools when they are already a 'gun free' zone. The laws already exist. According to The Crime Prevention Research Center, gun free zones have been the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings. I do not in any way support anyone dying, not by cancer, car crash, gun shooting or any other form of death. Life is precious and I think it should be protected. Our country was founded with the understanding that we would need to defend ourselves and that WE are each 100% responsible for doing that. The Supreme Court has ruled that the police department is NOT obligated to protect you. Meaning that the police do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm..... WE DO have the constitutional privilege and right to bear arms and defend ourselves. 
If you find yourself in a situation where you are in harm.... and police don't have to protect you, assuming they make it to where you are in time, wouldn't you prefer to have the ability to defend yourself instead of dying? I know I do! I have always said that I would prefer to carry a weapon everyday and NEVER need it, than to really need it and not be able to defend myself. I view it the same way we take vitamins or get a yearly check up the doctor.... to prevent bad things from happening to our bodies. I know there are many that don't agree with this line of thinking but there are just as many if not more that do agree. 
I am a strong advocate for women knowing how to defend themselves and their loved ones at all times. 
I will always stand up for my rights and those around me. We could all get hit by a bus tomorrow..... we could have a heart attack... if you're like me you could be a cancer survivor even!  In the past 52 years 1,077 people have been killed in 'mass shootings' which equals about 21 deaths per year. In the same about of time, the past 52 years, over 30,000,000 people have died from cancer alone!!!!! I agree you can't control cancer...... and neither can we control bad guys, or the real issue the hatred, violence and anger in those bad guys hearts and minds. 
I am not trying to start a political debate.... I am trying to say that I believe love, kindness, grace and above all Jesus Christ is the only answer to saving anyone from anything at any given point in time whether now or in the future. I never want anyone to die.... but I am glad that I can protect myself should someone try to kill me!!! 
"Over the last 21 years the United States averaged 51 annual deaths from lightning strikes." - NOAA 
It seems that having your heart right with God and NOT being struck by lightning is more important than gun control laws. Just saying!! ;)
I also wanted to share Matt's concealed carry style!! lol! Isn't he so cute!!
Thanks for reading my blog today... I know this is a buzz subject right now... but I wanted to share my opinion on it! ;)
God Bless Everyone and God Bless America! 
XoXX - Rachel Eden
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